Using Freelancers or Outsourcing? The first few jobs set the bar for pricing and quality

Recently I had to use a few freelancers on a large web project. To get a sense of pricing, I posted the project on a popular freelance job posting website. From experience, I knew that the prices quoted online were generally in the ballpark and quite fair. Now the freelancers (also based in the same […]

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Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) for Small Business

The “Results Only Work Environment” is a management philosophy that is beginning to get adopted by several companies and especially by some of the newer dotcom businesses. The premise is simple: All that a business should concern itself is with the bottomline or results. Micromanaging or looking at how long or how short a time […]

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Be reasonable but charge for your time

Every worker has a finite amount of hours in a day. If you are in a situation where clients call you regularly with “little questions”, “quick questions” etc., you’re going to find that this time utilized in answering clients will affect your profitability. Sometimes questions take some research to answer especially if they are instructions. […]

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If You Don’t Have a Job – Make One

Several restaurants where I live do not have home delivery. For some reason home delivery just does not figure into their business strategy. Now I cannot take the time off to go to a restaraunt on any day except the weekend, even if its just to pickup food. The whole process of picking up food […]

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Beware of Wasting Time on Complex RFPs

When you receive a Request for Proposal(RFP) for a job that is overly complex and which requires reams of info, make sure that your company’s response has a good chance of being selected. Often a project manager (or person in a similar capacity) in a company, to justify their job, will produce a hyper-complex RFP asking […]

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Working with Difficult Clients

You’ll often be surprised to see people in important positions who are completely imbalanced and who do not have the slightest ability to cope even the most minor inconvenience. You’ll know when you come across such people who think its normal to act like babies. Whats important to remember is that you should take nothing […]

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Clients and Vendors: Setting the Rate and Expectations

In a service industry, the single factor usually responsible for frayed nerves and angry clients are unmet expectations. For example you should not make payments without examining the finished product closely and also setting a certain bar for quality for vendors whom you may use. If this “quality” bar is not set early on, there will be problems […]

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Work and Personal Productivity

I meet a lot of people and especially new business owners who are looking for online services (since my business is providing website design and internet development services). Many are very focused and have very specific set of business objectives along with time-frames. And there are many whom I meet, who are totally the opposite […]

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Structuring Payments for Services – Always take a Deposit

Its understandable to take on a job with the expectation that a client will pay up in a timely manner and you pretty much may need the work. Sometimes people give an informal approval over the phone or via email and you start work on a job. At the end of the job you expect […]

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Stick to Your Core Business

Your core business is the business you understand well and what brings in the most income. There is often the temptation to pick up business that you do not understand well. In such situations you need to ask yourself if the additional headache will produce a reliable customer and also help your bottom-line? If either is […]

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